Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger
Best Wireless Car Charger

Best Wireless Car Charger

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Best Wireless Car Charger for Smart Phones

Removes Messy Charging Cables from Cars

The best wireless car charger for iPhone XS max has totally replaced the messy charging cables from cars. These types of car chargers charge up iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max wirelessly. The new style wireless electronic gadgets add both style and comfort to life.

The best wireless car charger for iPhone xs Max are very high quality wireless car mount chargers. These wireless car chargers can be easily mounted on dashboard and once the iPhone is placed on the charging pad; it is assured that the devices will be quickly charged. The stress of taking charger and its lead has now been removed and there is no need of keeping the charging cable with us.

Smart Features of Wireless Car Chargers

There are uniquely designed amazing features of wireless car charger which makes it highly demanded in present times. It is all possible with the advent of new technologies, which makes the life free of stress. The car mount cum wireless chargers are really surprising with its extra ordinary excellent smart features.

  • It comes with the superior Robotic Locking Mechanism which firmly fixes the smart phone and keeps it steady.
  • During the mounting procedure, there is no need to put any extra efforts.
  • Provides hassle- free on touch unlocking system for the removal of iPhone from the charging pad.
  • The 360 degree rotation helps in keeping the device at the most preferred orientation.
  • Wide ranges of versatile wireless mount car chargers are available and customers can opt as per their liking and preferences.
  • The charging pad also protects the device due to its non- scratch silicone mat.
  • The charger also protects the device from getting over heated, over- current or over voltage.
  • The charger holds the phone device firmly by providing flexible viewing angles having 360 degree rotation.
  • Recently newly developed chargers presents the powerful wireless charger with three modes of charging.
  • This technology identifies the iPhones and thus delivers the power accordingly.
  • It also protects the iOS device from multiple damages.
  • The excellent feature of wireless car chargers is that it is one handed operation.
  • There are advanced infra red sensors in the wireless car chargers
  • Innovative technology has made the life comfortable as it opens the two clips automatically for gripping of phone when it is placed closer to the holder.
  • The air mattress for car camping are also one of the comfortable input accessories which are essential for comfort ability and relaxation.
  • .The wireless car chargers can be easily installed on dashboard or windshield.
  • The car charger has the gravity design and the two arms of charger automatically clutch and hold the phone firmly.
  • Most important notable feature is four USB ports on the plug which means that four devices can be easily charged.
  • The advanced infra red system sensor system plays a great role and the clip automatically opens when phone is taken near the mount.
1.10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Technology, will Charge Your Phone Steady and Quickly.
2. New Design and Elegant -Graceful shape, look like a beautiful Cup.
3. With a USB output port, you can charge another device at the same time.
4. Indicator function-There is two indicators on the top of the cup. When connect to power,
the power indicator will light up , when it start charging , the charging indicator light up.
5. Anti-slip mat in the bottom.
Product Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Size: 10.5cmx8.3cm/4.13''x3.3''
Input: DC 12V 3A
Wireless charging power: 10W
Output of USB: 5V/2.4A(MAX)
Output of Wireless charging: 5V 1A 9V 1.1A
The wireless charger cup only suit for the phones who’s width is under 73mm, if over this, the phone can’t be put into the cup.
For phones which don’t have a built-in receiver you need to prepare one for it, if not, it can’t be charged by the wireless charger cup.
Package Included:
1 X Car Wireless Charger Cup
1 X Power Line 
1 X User Manual